NCFE Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (36 Credits)

Awarding Body: NCFE CACHE
Mode of Study: Part-Time
Duration: 6 Months
Total Credits: 36
Classes will be online
Funding is available for eligible students

Please Note: This course will help you to become a teacher’s student.



This qualification is designed for individuals who are 19 years old or older. It serves as an introductory program to teaching and is tailored to cater to the training needs of a diverse range of trainee teachers, including those who are not currently in a teaching or training role, individuals who are currently teaching or training (including those who are new to teaching and training), and those who are working as assessors and want to acquire a qualification that provides an introduction to teaching. 

The main objective of this qualification is to enhance practical teaching skills and prepare teachers for working in various contexts, which is achieved through the optional units. It also involves the observation and assessment of practice to ensure competence. This qualification can cater to the needs of different trainee teachers, such as individuals who are not currently teaching or training, but can fulfill the practice requirements (including the observed and assessed practice requirements) of the qualification; individuals who are currently teaching or training (including those who are new to teaching and training) and meet the practice requirements, including observed and assessed practice requirements; and individuals currently working as assessors who wish to attain a teaching qualification. Ultimately, the aim of this qualification is to confirm occupational competence in a teaching role within the workplace.

Grading Procedure

The grading system for this qualification includes Achieved or Not Achieved

Course Specification

The main course modules are provided below. You can download full course specification from the button below.

Unit Name Credit
Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training
Delivering education and training
Using resources for education and training
Assessing learners in education and training
Planning to meet the needs of learners in education and training
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