HND in Hospitality Management (Degree Pathway Course)

Level of Course: HND is a Level 5 qualification (equivalent to the second year of a UK bachelor’s degree). There is an embedded Higher National Certificate (HNC) Level 4 element. The learner can choose to exit at this point with the HNC qualification
Number of Credit Hours:  Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have completed at least 15 units and 240 + credits. On completion of HNC, the student will have completed at least 8 units and 120 + credits
Study Mode: Full-time
BTEC Higher National Certificate (1 Year): The HNC is a level-4 qualification delivered over one year. The HNC is an embedded component of the HND; however, it can be taken as a stand-alone qualification. If a student opts to take the HNC, the student would be eligible for Higher National Certificate after successful completion of a minimum of 8 modules
BTEC Higher National Diploma (2 Years): The HND is a level 5 qualification delivered over two years, the first year at level 4 and the second year at level 5. If a student opts to take the HND, the student would be eligible for a Higher National Diploma after the successful completion of a minimum of 15 modules
Attendance: A full-time student is required to attend 21 hours per week in term time
Workload: Total Qualification Time (TQT) is an estimate of the total amount of time required for a student to achieve and demonstrate the achievement of the level of attainment necessary for the award of a qualification. Each 15-credit module approximates to a TQT of 150 hours and 60 hours of Guided Learning. Mont Rose College recommends an average of 8-10 hours of home study per week for this programme
Total Guided Learning (GL): Higher National Certificate (HNC) = 480 hours
Total Guided Learning (GL): Higher National Diploma (HND) = 960 hours
Exemptions: No exemptions are allowed for this programme.

Course Details:

The Pearson BTEC HNC Level 4 is made up of 120 credits and be completed over a years’ time. The HND a combination of both levels 4 and 5 and is made up of 240 credits; this qualification is usually studied full-time over two years or part-time over four years.
The award is made up of 15 units:
Mandatory Units:
  • The Contemporary Hospitality Industry
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Professional Identity and Practice
  • The Hospitality Business Toolkit
  • Leadership and Management for Service Industries (Pearson –set)
  • Research Project (Pearson –set)
  • Hospitality Consumer Behaviour and Insights
Specialist Units:

  • Food Service Management
  • Global Events
  • Concept and Innovation in Hospitality
  • Tourist Resort Management
  • Hospitality Business Strategy
Optional Units:
  • Managing Accommodation Services
  • Managing Food Production
  • Hospitality Marketing Essentials