HND in Healthcare Practice (Healthcare Management) (Degree Pathway)

Key information
Study Mode: Full time
Level of Course: Level 5
Learners: 240 Credits
Attendance: 21 Hours per week
Time Table: Morning
Duration: 2 Years
Tuition Fee: The tuition fee for the academic year 2022/2023– £7,724; for the academic year 2023/2024– £8,110 and will apply to both the new and the continuing MRC students.
Study Location: Mont Rose College, Shakespear House 267 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4TG.

Course Details:

The award is made up of up to 14 units.
Mandatory core units
  • Unit 1 Law, Policy and Ethical Practice in Health and Social Care
  • Unit 2 Demonstrating Professional Principles and Values in Health and Social Care Practice
  • Unit 3 Supporting the Individual Journey through Integrated Health and Social Care
  • Unit 4 Fundamentals of Evidence-based Practice (Pearson-set Project)
  • Unit 18 Innovation and Improvement through Action Research (Pearson-set Project)
  • Unit 19 Reflective Approaches in Implementing Person-centred Practice
Mandatory specialist units
  • Unit 10 Developing Operational Management Skills for Healthcare Practice
  • Unit 17 Effective Reporting and Record-keeping in Health and Social Care Services
  • Unit 23 Managing Quality in Care Environments
  • Unit 25 Facilitating Change in Healthcare Environments
  • Unit 29 Human Resource Management for Healthcare
Optional units
  • Unit 9 Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Ill-Health
  • Unit 32 Team and Individual Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring Others
Specialist optional units
  • Unit 30 Pharmacology and Medicine Management
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