Campus: Tower Hill, London
Intakes: February, June or September 2024
Duration: Three years (or four years with integrated Foundation in Design and Creative Business Pathway)
Direct entry: Direct entry is available for Year 2 and Year 3 of this programme
Study mode: Full-time, flexible learning – study on campus and online with classes available during the weekday, evenings and weekend
Tuition fees: UK/EU citizens – £9,250 per annum
Funding: SFE funding available
International / EU Applicants: If you are arriving after the UK has left the EU on January 1st 2021, you will require a visa to study in the UK, in which LCCA will not be able to sponsor you. To find out more information please visit apply to the EU Settlement Scheme
Course code: TBC
Institution code : L84
Campus code: G

Course Details:

This 30-week course is designed to equip students with the academic skills and subject knowledge needed to progress on to study at undergraduate level. You’ll develop a unique portfolio of work throughout the course, helping you to progress onto a degree in any creative subject.
Stage 1
The first stage covers the key areas of related to your degree programme and will focus on either creative design or business. You’ll learn the theoretical knowledge and debates surrounding these disciplines and the historical and international contexts which underpin them. You will also will also being to build the foundations for studying at degree level.
Stage 2
This stage builds on the key research, analytical and reflective skills built in Stage 1. Students will also have the opportunity to explore specialist areas of study and focus on your chosen path within the creative arts or business.
Stage 3
Students undertake a self-directed, specialist project which will synthesise and conclude their newly learned knowledge. The Final Major Project consists of three units which include advanced language and study skills needed for progression onto an LCCA design or creative business undergraduate degree.
 Modules include:
  • Introduction to Creative Business 
  • English for Academic Purposes, Research & Study Skills
  • Visual Culture
  • Final Major Project
Upon completion of level 4, you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the nature and structure of the hospitality and service industry. You will have developed study and research skills to enable you to thrive in the hospitality industry. Specifically, you will be able to:
  • Draw from a range of disciplinary approaches to describe and principles of hospitality management
  • Use case study materials to examine and explain technological, social, environmental and ethical issues and practices within varied international contexts
  • Describe the characteristics of the hospitality and service industry by exploring a range of industry structures and professional roles
  • Demonstrate and reflect upon learning experience in tourism and event management
  • Develop self-awareness and key transferable skills (study and employability) and reflect upon your own individual and teamwork skills/competencies and experiences
  • Devise creative and entrepreneurial responses to problems
Modules include:
  • Introduction to Hospitality: Concepts and Practices
  • Global Hospitality Environment
  • Hospitality Marketing and Customer Experience
  • Leadership, and Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Industry
You can choose 15 credits from these optional modules:
  • Event Venue and Promotional Management
  • Food Culture and Society
  • Managing Service Innovation
Upon completion of level 5, you will be able to demonstrate further development of your knowledge and experience. You will develop your understanding of the characteristics and context of decision making in the service sector. You will also enhance your research skills further, enabling you to design and undertake a dissertation. Specifically, you will be able to:
  • Evaluate and apply the principles and theory of hospitality and the service sector to a range of scenarios within varied international contexts
  • Understand the wider context of hospitality and event and evaluate the social, ethical and environmental impacts across a range of case studies
  • Assess practices and professional roles in the context of varied disciplines (marketing, management, technology, development and sustainability literatures)
  • Develop core skills and experiences required by the tourism and events sectors, i.e. communication skills, the ability to work independently and self critically, and the ability to work in teams to engage in collaborative problem solving
  • Develop an outward-looking focus, understanding how to market yourself and to manage your digital identity
Modules include:
  • Hospitality Finance in Market Context
  • Managing People – Contemporary Issues and Challenges
  • Hospitality Business Strategy and Decision Making
  • Live Creative Events Project
You can choose 15 credits from these optional modules:
  • Visual Merchandising and psychology in the service sector
  • Innovation and The Sustainable Organisation in the service sector
Upon completion of level 6, you will be able to demonstrate that you can use and integrate the range of knowledge and skills gained from previous levels in a practical context by taking an analytical approach to hospitality management and event management. Specifically, you will be able to:
  • Use critical and creative thinking and analysis to challenge theoretical ideas and practice in hospitality and the service sector
  • Critically engage in global debates about the technological, social, environmental and ethical dimensions of tourism and events
  • Engage with relevant communities (professional, voluntary, virtual)
  • Use reflective practice and teamwork skills to consolidate graduate attributes and develop a professional profile (networking, volunteering, work experience)
  • Critically evaluate contemporary issues in the hospitality service through an in-depth study
  • Critically appraise creative and entrepreneurial solutions to the management of tourism and events
Modules include:
  • Hospitality Research Project 
  • Digital Marketing and Branding 
  • Sustainable Practices and Planning
  • Personal Brand and Career Planning 
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