BA (Hons) Business Management and Sustainability – 4 years

Duration: 4 Years
Award: BA (Hons)
Location: CECOS College London
Study option: Full-time, with a foundation year
School: School of Justice, Security & Sustainability.
4 Years / Onsite
Intakes: Sep, Jan, May

Course Details:

Below is an indicative list of the modules that make up the course for the current academic year. Each module is worth a specified number of credits. Our teaching is informed by research, and modules change periodically to reflect developments in the discipline. We aim to ensure that all modules run as scheduled. If for any reason a module cannot be run, we will advise you as soon as possible and will provide guidance on selecting an appropriate alternative module.
Foundation Year
Communication in the Digital Age
Communication is a key personality trait that builds impression and aids the development of relationships. In this module, you will develop the oral, written and digital communication skills required in modern business.
Managing People for Planet and Profit
Social responsibility is a critical element of modern business. In this module, you will develop your understanding of sustainable management practices in the workplace and in the wider context of organisations.
Business Performance
Analysing and reporting on success and failures is key to business growth. In this module, you will learn the fundamental mathematical tools used in business and economics and how these are critical for business success.
External Business Environments
Immerse yourself in your audience and surroundings. In this module, you will consider the external business environment and the impact of competition, cultural demographics, environmental issues and concepts of free and fair trade and what this means for business.
Business Simulation Project (40 credits)
Be a part of the enterprise. In this module, you will use business simulation tools to explore the dynamics of a modern enterprise and learn about your capacity to manage and innovate in your chosen field. This module is the culmination of your foundation year and will equip you with the skills required for you to manage in business or proceed onto further academic study.
Year 1 compulsory modules
The Future of Work (20 Credits)
Business and industry are ever-changing, and staying ahead of the game is critical to success. In this module, you will explore the importance of innovation in addressing climate change and other societal challenges and how the rise of digital technologies will change the future of work practices and various business sectors.
Data and Decision Making (20 Credits)
Data is the currency of the 21st century. In this module, you will explore the increasingly pervasive role of data in society, and how organisations can capture and leverage data to better understand consumer preferences, tailor communication, anticipate changes in external environments and manage risk and uncertainty.
Global Challenges and Opportunities (20 Credits)
Success can be found in the current economic and political climate. In this module, you will explore the ethical and unethical anomalies in our contemporary global political and economic system, and how they can provide both challenges and opportunities in modern business.
Risk and Reward (20 Credits)
Without risk, there is often no reward. In this module, you will explore the evolution and nature of financial markets and their susceptibility to shock. You will gain a solid foundation in the concepts of risk and return, portfolio theory and basic budgeting.
Social Enterprise (20 Credits)
Community and reputation are everything in the modern world of business. In his module, you will focus on your creativity and innovation and identify entrepreneurial opportunities that will form the basis of a socially responsible business idea or intervention.
The Balance of Power (20 Credits)
In this module you will explore how markets have evolved and how they will continue to evolve, and the role businesses and governments have in ensuring the sustainability of our planet for future generations.
Year 2 compulsory modules
The Business of Doing Good (20 Credits)
Most businesses create or destroy value. In this module, you will explore how to create a business that makes money, but at the same time makes the world a better place.
Governance and Climate Change (20 Credits)
Responding to climate change requires intervention the scale of which we have never seen. This module explores the role of governance in organisations in responding to this global challenge.
Sustainable Business Development (20 Credits)
To be sustainable, you must challenge the current perception of value chains. In this module, you will explore ways in which businesses and organisations can work together in responding to consumer preferences for ethically produced goods and services, changes in global supply chains and the growing use of digital technologies in everyday life.
Business Creativity and Innovation (20 Credits)
Succeed in creating something new in future business. In this module, you will develop your capability for creativity and innovation, exploring the boundaries typical of modern business and how they can be overcome to position organisations for future growth.
Year 3 compulsory modules
Leadership Strategy and Social Impact (20 Credits)
In a sustainable society courageous leadership is essential when balancing the needs of firms, stakeholders and the environment. In this module, you will explore the legal and ethical challenges leaders face whilst maintaining a profitable business.
Innovative Change Management (20 Credits)
Disruption is at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution. In this module, you will explore the dynamics of organisational change and how firms can leverage innovative business models to compete in a world more mindful of its natural environment.
Consultancy Project (40 Credits)
Teamwork can be the key to success. This module is the culmination of your programme of study, where you will work alongside other Business School students to identify and address a contemporary issue faced by a real organisation.
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